Who I Am

I am a passionate student of all things Evolution. I like when theories are adapted to facts I learn, and connect together. I like to think of Bacteria as the modern Darwin's finches, me being on a Genomic and Computerized Beagle.


What I Do

I study Microbiology and Evolution. I'm currently focused on the biased gene conversion process, supervised by Laurent Duret and Franck Bertolla. Them and I are studying its impact in prokaryotes. We use cloning, natural transformation, sequencing, computers and statistics.


What I have done


I've worked on the evolution of host dependence to its microbial symbionts, in the Bemisia tabaci whitefly model, under the supervision of Fabrice Vavre and Laurence Mouton. I learned and used molecular biology, PCR, sequencing and evolution analysis.


I tried to evaluate the pathogenicity of viable but non-culturable Legionella pneumophila. I was supervised by Severine Allegra. I learned flow cytometry, immuno-fluorescent microscopy, pathogenic bacteria handling and most and foremost, autonomy.



2014 - 2016

I studied Microbial Ecology in the Microbiology Master of Lyon, France. I learned evolution biology, host-microbes interactions, microbial ecology study techniques and statistics.

2013 - 2014

I got my Microbiology Bachelor with honors from the Université Claude Bernard, Lyon 1, France.

2011 - 2013

I obtained a technical degree of Environmental and Biological Engineering, with honors, from the Université Jean Moulin, Saint-Étienne, France.

Computer Skills

Computer Skills

I know my way around R, that I've learned from here. I know and used dplyr, reshape2, tidyr, plyr and Rcpp. I guess I would qualify as a ggplot2 expert. I can also use the grid graphics package. You can go here for a examples of some stuff I've done with R.

I know my way around Unix too. I use Arch Linux, (X)Ubuntu and MacOSX as my OS. I know the command line, bash scripting and various useful little skills, and can google the rest.

I learn Python for data analysis, Clojure and Lisps for fun, LaTeX for beauty, Vim for comfort, and Emacs for sanity.



Je parle Français, my mother's tongue. I speak, read and understand English (TOEIC score : 920 / 990). Ich verstehe Deutsch, although not that well.



I play music with various instruments in various bands. I love hiking in the beautiful French Alps. I like travelling, reading about Evolution, reading as such, coffee, gherkins, science and life.